The Haunt is the largest custom built haunted house in the Tri-State Area.


Cost During Cornfest: 5 tickets per person (No wristbands)

Trick or Treat Cost: 3 tickets

Cost After Cornfest (Halloween Night): $5.00 per person

Event Times During Cornfest:

Friday 10/25/2024 – Dark until 10pm
Saturday 10/26/2024 – 3-5pm Non Scary Trick Or Treat Event
Saturday 10/26/2024 – Dark until 11pm

Haunt Rules:

  1. Children 10 and under must be accompanied a parent or guardian
  2. No touching or hitting the actors (the actors will not touch you)
  3. No touching or hitting any prop, wall or any part of the set.
  4. No removing any prop from the haunt (it is considered stealing and will be dealt with as such)
  5. No Running, Pushing or Shoving
  6. No Alcohol allowed in the haunt.
  7. No Flashlights or Cellphones
  8. No Video Recording or Flash Photography
  9. No Food or Beverage
  10. No Smoking
  11. No Profanity or Obscenity
  12. Stay within the “maze” layout. Do not cross through a wall or closed off doorway or area.
  13. This haunt is designed to be scary, if you do not want to be scared, we encourage you to refrain from entering the haunt, or go through during the non scary, trick or treat time.
  14. Be patient while in line, there will be a wait to get into the haunt.
  15. Mask are not required in the haunt. Mask/COVID protocols are the choice of the attendee.
  16. If you experiencing any type of sickness, we ask that you refrain from the attending the haunt.
  17. If you have light, motion or sound sensitivity, lung, heart or other serious medical conditions, please proceed with caution.